29 May – 4 June: ISIS attacks LNA checkpoint in Fuqaha area

Jun 4, 2019 | ISIS

On 27 May, Misrata operations room in coordination with the central regions criminal investigation apparatus undertook a raid in Abu Grein, arresting alleged ISIS supporter Faris Belhaj (alias Khattab).

On 28 May, the Misratan Central Counter-Terrorism Force arrested seven alleged ISIS members in a safe house in Abu Grein. Weapons and other communication equipment were confiscated.

On 28 May, ISIS was observed south of Sirte in the late evening and early morning of the following day.

On 30 May, ISIS published a second set of “Diary of a Mujahedeen” photos, which supposedly portrays its members daily lives in the Fezzan.

On 3 June, ISIS claimed to have attacked the Libyan National Army (LNA) Checkpoint 400, on the road linking Jufra to Sebha, in the Fuqaha area. An official from the Jufra Municipal Council stated that the LNA forces successfully defended the attack without any loss of life.

On 2 June, two vehicle-borne IEDs targeting the LNA’s Awilat al-Dam and Omar al-Mukhtar Operations Room headquarters left as many as 18 people injured. Remnants of Derna Protection Force (DPF) were initially accused of undertaking the attacks. However, on 3 June, ISIS claimed responsibility for the 2 vehicle-borne IEDs attacks conducted on 2 June as part of the group’s ongoing “war of attrition.”