27 January- 02 February: Tripoli firefight between Emad Trabelsi forces and Rada

Feb 3, 2021 | Libyan actors

As the process to elect a new transitional executive authority began in Geneva, unease spread among GNA-aligned groups and skirmishes took place in Tripoli.

On 29 January, reports in Libyan media claimed that the UN-mediated 5+5 Joint Military Committee (JMC) would hold its second meeting in Sirte on 4 February. The meeting is alleged to be centred on the expulsion of foreign mercenaries from Libya and the reopening of the coastal road.

On 28 January, tensions boiled over between Emad Trabelsi’s General Security Force (GSF) and the Special Deterrence Force (Rada). Rada set up a checkpoint near Suq al-Thalata roundabout which is on the periphery of the GSF’s area of control. In response, the GSF fired on the area, provoking a withdrawal by Rada and takeover of the location by the GSF.

On 26 January, clashes occurred between Muammar al-Dawi’s 55 Battalion, aligned with the GNA Ministry of Defence, and the 3 Unit, aligned with the GNA Ministry of Interior. The clashes reportedly took place near Kikla, south-west of Tripoli, following a 3 Unit raid on the al-Tahadi Millis. The number of casualties is unknown.