20-26 January: HoR and HCS meet in Egypt and Morocco

Jan 27, 2021 | Libyan actors

This week a series of meetings of delegations from the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) were held in Morocco and Egypt, to discuss the constitutional settlement and proposals for the regional distribution of Libya’s sovereign institutions.

On 19-20 January, the Constitutional Committee created by the HoR and the HCS met in Hurghada, Egypt. The committee agreed to hold a referendum on a constitutional proposal before the national elections scheduled for 24 December.

On 23 January, delegations from the HoR and HCS met in Bouznika, Morocco, to discuss the implementation of “power sharing” between Libya’s regions. The delegations discussed arrangements for new appointments to key positions in Libya’s semi-sovereign institutions. However, the Supreme Juridical Council and a group of HCS members later denounced the reported proposals of the HCS and HoR in Bouznika.

On 23 January, a senior GNA military delegation including the Minister of Defence, Salah al-Din Namroush, met with the Chadian president Idris Deby. They discussed strengthening cooperation between the Libyan and Chadian Ministries of Defence and border security with a focus on organised crime, terrorism, and illegal immigration.

On 24 January, the GNA Ministry of Interior deployed forces to Tarhouna following riots and destruction of property. The disorder reportedly occurred in response to the continued uncovering of mass graves resulting from the killings allegedly carried out by the Kaniyat militia when they controlled the city.