26 September – 2 October: Foreign aircraft launches airstrike near Ubari

Oct 2, 2018 | International actors

On 26 September, an unidentified foreign aircraft launched an airstrike overnight in the vicinity of Hay al-Baladya, near Ubari. It is unclear if the strike hit a house or vehicles and who were the specific targets. No group has claimed responsibility. The U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) has denied responsibility for the attack.

On 28 September, the US and the UK signed an agreement with DCA Mine Action to continue supporting demining projects near Sirte. $1.5 million will be provided to a six month project to demine and remove unexploded ordinance from Sirte.

It is worth noting that on 1 October the Sirte Protection Force claimed that they had not received any support for demining operations from the US. The Clearance of Mine and Remnant of War, Salim al-Amil, had said they had not received any equipment from any foreign group despite petitioning the Presidential Council for them. Al-Amil remarked that at this time the city of Sirte and its suburbs have not been declared mine free areas.