24 October – 30 October: HoR and the HCS agree to reorganize the Presidential Council

Oct 30, 2018 | Libyan actors

On 27 October, the Presidential Council (PC) issued a statement announcing the approval of the new security arrangements to secure the Greater Tripoli area as prepared by the Security Arrangements Committee. On 24 October, the Presidential Council appointed Diyaa al-Din al-Amrouni as the commander of the Presidential Guard.

On 29 October, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) announced that they had come to an agreement to reorganize the Presidential Council (PC) into a form that would see it composed of one head and two members, as well as a new separate government. According to the HoR dialogue committee head, Abdelsalam Nasiyah, a timeline for the two dialogue committees (one for each body i.e. HCS and HoR) to implement the change in the executive authority has been agreed upon. In addition, an agreement was made to remove Article 8 of the appendix laws of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) and to include the amended LPA in the constitutional delegation, allowing for a vote for approving the Presidential Council by a majority of members of the two councils.