24 – 31 March: Kubis in talks with Haftar in Rajma

Apr 1, 2021 | International actors

This week saw a flurry of diplomatic activity with Libya’s new Government of National Unity (GNU) and key neighbours including Egypt and Turkey.

On 25 March, the Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, met the President of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, and its Vice-President, Abdullah al-Lafi, in Cairo to discuss bilateral relations and historic ties between the two countries. Al-Sisi stated that Egypt is ready to help Libya’s GNU in all areas and assist its police and security forces to achieve stability in the country.

On 26 March, the President of Libya’s Presidential Council Mohammed Menfi and Vice-President Abdullah al-Lafi met the Turkish President Recep Tayeb Erdogan in Istanbul. According to a statement by Menfi’s office, Menfi emphasised his commitment to elections and national reconciliation, while Erdogan declared his support for the unity and sovereignty of Libya. According to other reports, the Libyan delegation informed Turkey of its intention to draw down Turkish forces in Libya, and to expel Syrian mercenaries from Libyan territory.

On 27 March, the Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Jan Kubis, met the commander of the LNA, Khalifa Haftar, at the LNA headquarters in Rajma. According to reports, they discussed the ongoing peace process, the GNU’s access to all areas in Libya, the dissolution of armed groups, and the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya