21 – 27 Feb: US imposes sanction and signs MoU with GNA

Feb 27, 2018 | International actors

On 26 February, the US imposed sanctions on several Libyan, Maltese and Egyptian firms, traders and ships reportedly participating in oil smuggling out of Libya. The US Treasury has alleged that a Malta-based network has gained more than US$36 million through illicit oil smuggling out of Zuwara to Europe in 2016. The sanctions have targeted 6 individuals (four Maltese, one Libyan and one Egyptian), 21 Libyan and Maltese companies, and 7 Maltese vessels.

On 23 February, representatives from the US Secretary of State and the Government of National Accord (GNA) Ministry of Foreign Affairs signed a cultural property protection Memorandum of Understanding to impose restrictions on the import of Libyan cultural property to the US. The new sanctions and MoU maintain the US’s focus on counter-terrorism priorities in Libya.