Day: August 5, 2020

29 July – 4 August: Russia and Turkey claim to be holding a third round of Libya consultations soon

On 30 July, the deputy spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zaytsev, stated that Russia and Turkey would be holding a third round of consultations in Moscow. On 27 July, Turkish Defence Minister Akar said that continued external military support represents the ‘greatest obstacle to peace’ in Libya. On 30 July, the US House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee agreed to amendments to the ‘Libya Stabilisation Act’ and unanimously approved the bill. On 27 July, US Chargé d’Affaires Harris travelled to Misrata and two days later travelled to Benghazi. On 4 August, the German Hamburg frigate went to support the EU’s Operation Irini to enforce the UN arms embargo.

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29 July – 4 August: LNA leader Haftar tours LNA units

Over last week, the head of the LNA, Haftar, toured LNA units. LNA spokesman al-Mismari stated that a ceasefire could be implemented only after Turkey leaves Libya ‘completely’. Over the last week, tensions in Sirte still remained high and clashes broke out in Zawiyya. On 29 July, Libya’s PC said that it had formed a committee to investigate the visit of French writer Bernard-Henri Lévy to Libya. On 28 July, Libyan Ambassador to the UN al-Sunni criticised the ‘selective’ approach of the UN sanctions committee. On 27 July, the Speaker of the HoR, Saleh, met with his Moroccan counterpart and the following day, the head of the HCS, al-Mishri, spoke at a press conference in Rabat and said that the HCS and the Tubruq-based HoR have the potential to reach a political solution.

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