19 June – 25 June: Haftar lays out post-conflict strategy

Jun 25, 2019 | Libyan actors

On 18 June, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that since the clashes began in early April, 691 people have died, including 41 civilians, and as many as 4,012 people have been wounded. The Libyan National Army’s (LNA) “Operation Flood of Dignity” against Government of National Accord (GNA)-aligned forces in southern Tripoli continues, with no significant changes in territorial control. The LNA is reported to have deployed 3,000 fighters to Tripoli with 1,000 on the front line while the remaining contingents rest in nearby bases. Misratan forces have deployed a similar number of fighters to southern Tripoli while another 24,000 fighters remain in Misrata.

On 21 June, Libyan National Army (LNA) affiliated media outlets conducted an interview with Khalifa Haftar to lay out his post-conflict strategy and the political process after the conclusion of the military operation in Tripoli. Haftar reiterated previously stated positions including that military operations will only stop once the LNA has achieved its objectives and the need to disband all militias and all the political bodies created by the Libyan Political Agreement. However, a new element was Haftar’s assertion that in the transitional phase, once the LNA’s objectives have been met, a national unity government would be formed but may not be based in Tripoli (but in a different Libyan city) if there are any “temporary logistical and security reasons” that prevent it operating from there.