166th (Misrata) Brigade deploys troops to Tripoli while other militias mobilise

Mar 29, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 29 March, the 166th (Misrata) Brigade began moving a large contingent of troops to Tripoli. The first elements arrived in the capital after dark in the area of Airport Road in southern Tripoli. The Stability Support Apparatus (SSA) commander Ghinaywa also mobilized his troops in Abu Salim, south of Tripoli. Troops were also gathered in the area of the Tobacco Factory, the HQ of the Zintani militias in Tripoli, located in the western part of the capital. Subsequently, several other militias mobilized or moved their troops to Tripoli including the 444 Brigade, 55th (Wershefana) InfBrig, and the Counterterrorism Force.

After the house of Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dabaiba was hit by shells, Ghinaywa’s SSA, Minister of Interior Emad Trabelsi’s Public Security Agency and Lutfi al-Hariri’s Internal Security Agency also deployed troops to Hay Andalus. In the early hours of 1 April, Dabaiba received Presidential Council (PC) head Muhammed al-Menfi, PC deputy Musa al-Koni and several Government of National Unity (GNU) ministers at his house in Hay Andalus.