14 – 20 April: 444 Brigade shuts down militia HQs in Tripoli

Apr 21, 2021 | Libyan actors

This week, clashes between armed groups in Tripoli and Sirte highlight the continued intra-militia power struggles.

On 12 April, the 444th Combat Brigade announced that it had closed 11 unofficial militia headquarters in Tripoli, in the Salah al-Deen and al-Shouk areas in the south of Tripoli. It stated that the closures came as part of the Tripoli Military Zone plan to impose security in the city. This was followed by a further announcement on 18 April that the 444 Brigade had shut down 23 unofficial headquarters in total.

On 14 April, clashes broke out between members of the Kani militia and the LNA’s 166 Brigade in Sirte. A member of the Kani militia was reportedly killed and four others were injured when they exchanged fire.

On 16 April, members of Abdul Ghani al-Kikli’s (Ghineiwa) armed group reportedly abducted seven members of the Judicial Police, leading the Special Deterrence Force (Radaa) to retaliate with a significant mobilisation to secure their release.