10 – 16 Jan: UN Under Secretary General visits Libya

Jan 16, 2018 | International actors

On 10 January, UN Under Secretary General Jeffery Feltman visited Libya and held meetings with Government of National Accord (GNA) institutions in Tripoli. In a press conference, Feltman reiterated the UN’s backing of UN Envoy Ghassan Salame’s Libya Action Plan, stating there was a “window of opportunity” to successfully end the transition with the Libyan Political Agreement and that it is the only effective framework capable of doing so. Feltman said the UN would provide technical assistance, but acknowledged the security conditions needed to be good enough to ensure free and fair elections.

As of 12 January, the total number of those registered to vote reached 2,005,814. This figure has surpassed the 1,509,291 registrations for the 2014 House of Representative elections yet remains significantly less than the 2,865,937 registrations for the 2012 General National Congress elections. The Libyan High National Elections Commission has said that registration will continue until 6 February, and that it will be providing an online electronic system for registration overseas on 1 February. Electoral registration numbers surged in December 2017, but have slowed almost to a standstill over the last two weeks.