Zintani armed groups threaten Tripoli march to overthrow GNU

Mar 8, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 8 March, the Zintan Revolutionaries 17 February Movement declared that they do not recognize the ‘so-called government of national unity represented by the family rule of the Dabaiba clan’ and demanded the fall of this ‘corrupt government’. They said the GNU has brought the country into very serious decline, with a total lack of security. All citizens of Libya were called upon to go to the squares and stand together to overthrow this government. They called for the formation of a mini-government to organize free and fair elections and threatened continued escalation until the Dabaiba government is overthrown. During a military show-of-force, several militias coordinated by the Zintan Military Council called for the fall of Dabaiba and threatened to march on Tripoli saying this might be the only solution left.