Western – 21 December 2014

Dec 21, 2014 | International actors

Unsurprisingly given the ongoing violence, including in the oil crescent, the UN-sponsored peace talks that were planned for 16 December did not go ahead. On 15 December, the Congress announced the names of those who would be representing it at the talks. However, it made clear that its attendance was conditional upon the dialogue’s location being changed. The talks had been planned to take place in the eastern town of Aujila but the Congress objected on the grounds that the town is in the hands of Operation Libya Dignity. Instead the GNC proposed on 15 December that the talks should take place in Hun, which lies about half way between Sirte and Sebha. This appears to be an uncontroversial choice which has so far not met with objections from the House of Representatives (HoR), which also reiterated its commitment to the dialogue this week. As such it looks as though the way is open for the talks to go ahead.