Western – 15 June 2014

Jun 15, 2014 | International actors

On 6 June, UNSMIL Representative Tarek Mitri announced the UN’s support for a Libyan national dialogue, which would bring together some of the country’s most influential actors to settle long-divisive issues. Libyan leaders are expected to meet a week before the parliamentary elections to work out a binding declaration of principles. Mitri said the effort has gained the support of several Libyan actors, chief among them the National Dialogue (ND) Preparatory Committee, which includes in its advisory council representatives of political parties and regional representatives. The ND has been underway for months through the work of the Preparatory Committee, and it stands perhaps the best chance of getting major political forces together for agreement on critical issues. Furthermore, the ND is only likely to work if there is already a process underway between the major moderate Islamist and anti-Islamist factions to achieve a grand bargain.