Violence against migrants in Gargaresh

Oct 1, 2021 | Libyan actors

On 1 October, a migrant was killed and at least 15 others injured, six seriously, when the Government of National Unity (GNU) Ministry of Interior, carried out raids on houses and temporary makeshift shelters in in Gargaresh and al-Andalus neighbourhoods in Tripoli. The raids were part of a security campaign against undocumented migration and drug trafficking, resulting in the arrest of 4,000 migrants, including hundreds of women and children. The UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Libya Georgette Gagnon, reported that ‘Unarmed migrants were harassed in their homes, beaten and shot’ and that ‘communications were shut down with individuals unable to communicate, access information and seek assistance’. The UN condemned the raid as an ‘excessive and unwarranted lethal [use of] force by security and police forces’ amounting to a ‘violation of national and international law.’