Territorial clashes break out in Zawiyya

May 4, 2022 | Libyan actors

On 4 May, clashes broke out in Zawiyya between armed groups affiliated with Mohammed Bahroun (also known as ‘al-Far’, the ‘Mouse’) from the Hneish tribe and forces affiliated with the Zawiyyan Abu Zuriba tribe under the Stability and Support Apparatus (SSA) Western Region Branch in the vicinity of the Omar al-Mukhtar junction and Jaddaim. The commander of the Nasr Brigade, Mohamed Kashlaf (also known as ‘Qasab’), participated in the fighting. Kashlaf controls the Zawiyya refinery and port and is an ally of the Abu Zuriba tribe. Two vehicles belonging to Bahroun were reportedly burned, and explosions were heard throughout Zawiyya. An electrical transformer was damaged during the clashes, resulting in a temporary power outage. The Zawiyya refinery was not damaged.