Ras Ajdir border crossing partially re-opened after Tunisian MoI visits Tripoli

Jun 12, 2024 | International actors

On 12 June, the Minister of Interior (MoI) of Tunisia Khaled al-Nuwairi met with Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dadaiba, MoI Emad Trabelsi and Minister of State for Political Affairs and Communication Walid al-Lafi in Tripoli. The main topic was the reopening of the Ras Ajdir border crossing. Bilateral relations and modalities for border crossings as well as the issue of migration were also discussed. Al-Nuwairi, who was received in Mitiga by his counterpart Trabelsi, was only appointed as MoI on 26 May and was previously governor of Ariana (NE of Tunis).

Trabelsi and al-Nuwairi signed an agreement in the presence of Dabaiba stating that the Ras Ajdir border crossing would be reopened on 20 June. It was also agreed that the crossing will be opened for humanitarian and diplomatic purposes as early as 13 June. The agreement includes the opening of the four common gates at the border crossing for the entry of citizens of both countries and the resolution of the problem of the same names of Tunisian and Libyan citizens. It also includes a commitment to open six electronic registration points for cars of Libyan citizens and not to charge any fees or fines that have not been agreed.

On 13 June, the Ras Ajdir border crossing was opened for limited border traffic, as announced the day before.