May 31 – June 6: Clashes between the LNA and DMSC

Jun 6, 2017 | Other Jihadi Actors

On 2 June, fierce clashes took place between the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Derna Mujahadeen Shura Council (DMSC) in the Derna area. Suliman al-Huwat al-Marimi (aka Abu Hurirah), a DMSC field commander, and Mohammed al-Khajkhaj, (aka al-Muqdad), a DMSC media officer were killed. The clashes took place in Abu Dahak, a frontline between the forces in the Dahr al-Hamar area, south of Derna. This follows several Egyptian airstrikes against the DMSC early last week.

LNA units continue to make slow advances in Souq al-Hout and Sabri, the areas controlled by jihadists in central Benghazi. An IED blast killed Ibrahim al-Majbary, a leading commander of the LNA’s naval forces, in Sabri last week.