Apr 18-25 ISIS leader killed in Sabratha

Apr 25, 2017 | ISIS

On 23 April, Abdullah Dabbashi (a.k.a. Abdullah Haftar), a Libyan ISIS leader was reportedly killed in an ambush by tribal militia forces loyal to the Libyan National Army (LNA) in Sabratha. Dabbashi was the leader of the Ansar al-Sharia faction in Sabratha which joined ISIS in 2015. He was reported to have been killed during US airstrikes against an ISIS training camp in the coastal city of Sabratha in early 2016.

On 23 April, the LNA revealed that Mohammed al-Moghrabi (aka Randa al-Abeda), an ISIS fighter who formerly fought against the LNA in Benghazi, was alive. Randa was arrested by the LNA in Ajdabiya on 22 February after fleeing from the besieged area of Ganfuda in Benghazi. A video which purportedly showed the execution of Randa was released on 24 February by the LNA’s Tariq Ibn Ziyad Brigade.

The LNA claims it staged his widely condemned execution video as part of an intelligence operation to track and arrest ISIS collaborators in Benghazi. The LNA claims that 54 people have already been detained as a result of Randa’s confessions, reportedly including some LNA fighters who were informing ISIS of the LNA’s movements, and supplying weapons and ammunition to the jihadists.