Dabaiba faces renewed opposition and protests in Misrata over gold scandal

May 12, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 12 May, the Attorney General ordered the arrest of the Director General of the Customs Authority and the head of customs at Misrata International Airport on charges of conspiring with others to traffic nearly 26 tons of gold bullion out of the country. That would be valued at about 2 billion USD at current prices.

On 19 May, there were protests in Misrata demanding the full results of the investigation be published. They called for a revision of the framework that established the Joint Force, including changes to its leadership, amendments to its responsibilities, restricting it to combating terrorism, and preventing it from engaging in generic security work. They also affirmed readiness to protect the Attorney General’s Office and all members of the judicial bodies – the latter is in reference to an attack on the AG’s office in Misrata following the publication of the arrest warrants.