Clashes in Tripoli between MoI and MoD aligned groups

Oct 8, 2021 | Libyan actors

On the evening of 8 October, clashes broke out between 301 Battalion and the Security Directorate Support Force (SDSF) in the Airport Road neighbourhood of Tripoli. Some reports claimed that the clashes were triggered when the SDSF arrested a gang for selling alcohol in territory controlled by the 301 Battalion. Elements of the 444 Brigade joined the fray in support of the 301 Battalion and the 301 Battalion subsequently stormed the headquarters of the SDSF on the Airport Road. Deputy SDSF Commander, Captain Ali al-Jabri, and three members of the 301 Battalion were reportedly killed. An additional seven unidentified armed group members were treated in hospital. The Airport Road was reportedly closed for at least 24 hours.