Clashes break out at Ras Ajdir after MoI deploys border forces

Mar 18, 2024 | Libyan actors

On 18 March, the Government of National Unity (GNU) Minister of Interior Emad Trabelsi assigned the Law Enforcement Department of the General Directorate of Security Operations to ‘combat smuggling’ and ‘maintain security’ at the Ras Ajdir border crossing with Tunisia. Later that same evening, the Law Enforcement Department forces at Ras Ajdir were attacked by Amazigh militias from Zuwara. Several vehicles belonging to the Law Enforcement Department were destroyed. There is no reliable information on casualties.

Late on 18 March, Trabelsi ordered the temporary closure of the border crossing, saying it would not be allowed to be controlled by a specific group, city or region. The border crossing was also closed by the Tunisian side. The MoI deployed reinforcements towards the border during the night.