Chinese citizens arrested following raids on bitcoin mining farms in western region

Jun 21, 2023 | International actors

On 21 June, two Bitcoin mining farms were raided in Misrata. Ten people were arrested (all Chinese). On 22 June, another Bitcoin mining farm was raided near the Iron Factory in Zliten. Several people from China were arrested. On 23 June, the Attorney General’s Office in Libya announced the arrest of two Libyans and ten Chinese operating a Bitcoin mining farm in the east of Tripoli in Al Sarraj. In the following days more Bitcoin mining farms were raided in other locations in and near Tripoli (Dahra, Wadi Rabea, Janzour). Until 26 June, in total seven Bitcoin mining farms were shut down. All of them were run by Chinese groups. Some of them included a few Libyans. Altogether, about 70 Chinese citizens were arrested.