Bathily hosts meeting with 5+5 JMC and commanders from both Libyan militaries

Mar 15, 2023 | Libyan actors

On 15 March, UN Special Envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily hosted a meeting in Tunis bringing together the 5+5 Joint Military Commission (JMC) and several commanders of the military and security units in the West and East of Libya. The meeting focused on establishing ‘a safe and conducive environment for the political process and for holding free and fair elections’ in 2023. The participants agreed to work together to secure elections in 2023, stressing the need to communicate with each other and continue holding meetings inside Libya, in Tripoli and Benghazi. The commanders also stressed the need to abstain from using force, violence, arrest, or threats for political or material gains and rejected foreign interference in Libyan affairs. They also agreed on a set of confidence-building measures to foster national reconciliation.