Anti-Isis – Jan 19

Jan 19, 2016 | Libyan actors

In Benghazi, the LNA conducted heavy artillery shelling against Sabri, Benghazi on 18 Jan, after the recent assault by ISIS killing 5 LNA soldiers on 17 Jan. LNA Bomb disposal efforts are also ongoing, and the EOD units continue to dismantle aerial bombs to harvest TNT for making their own improvised grenades.

In Tripoli, anti-ISIS efforts spearheaded by the Deterrence Forces militia (Rada) in Tripoli are ongoing. Friday prayers in Mitiga mosque were disrupted by a suicide bomber whose belt failed to detonate and he was apprehended.

In Sirte, there are also indications of a small scale uprising again fermenting again inside the city against IS, with  Local IS locations being bombed with improvised explosive devices and one IS member killed by an unidentified sniper.