Anti-ISIS Coalition 1 June 2015

Jun 1, 2015 | Libyan actors

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates continue to actively support the HoR and the LNA, providing military assistance and equipment despite the UN arms embargo. However, this support is not proving enough and Haftar is making few real gains week on week. This is unlikely to deter either Egypt or the UAE from continuing to support the Tobruq camp. Both powers, but particularly Egypt, remain acutely concerned about the presence of militant elements in Libya and are desperate to see an end to the conflict and one that entails the defeat of the Islamist camp. However, this desperation is unlikely to result in more direct Egyptian military intervention for the time being at least. Operation Libya Dawn, meanwhile, continues to be backed by Qatar and Turkey, the latter of which hosted a major gathering this week of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Both powers are keen for any national consensus government that may arise out of the UNSMIL peace process to include Islamist elements and according to some Libyans are behind the GNC’s refusal to accept the latest UNSMIL roadmap document.