Anti – 23 November 2014

Nov 23, 2014 | Libyan actors

Over the past week, the Libyan national army raised the stakes in its battle against Operation Libya Dawn: bombing a number of targets west of the capital, sending low flying aircraft over Tripoli on ‘reconnaissance missions’, and announcing the closure of ports and airports. Haftar is still struggling against his Islamist enemies in Benghazi who are proving more difficult than ever to dislodge. In a bid to try to cut off their supplies to Benghazi’s anti-Dignity Islamist elements, Haftar has turned his attentions to trying to win over key tribes in Sirte including his own Ferjan tribe in order to get them to assist him.

In Sirte, the security situation continued to deteriorate. Misratan attempts to alter the power balance in the city have backfired and led to the establishment of a zero-sum struggle which destabalized the city making it increasingly ripe for and ISIS power grab.