Anti – 19 October 2014

Oct 19, 2014 | Libyan actors

After weeks of being on the back foot, General Hafter launched a major offensive against his opponents in Benghazi this week. So far this assault seems to have paid off and Operation Dignity forces are in control of a number of areas in the city and are still advancing on others. At least some of Hafter’s success is down to the participation of local residents who joined the battle for the first time, barricading their areas against Islamist militants. Hafter also appears to have been bolstered by support from Egypt.  The assault, which began on 15 October, saw Hafter’s Operation Dignity forces – now considered part of the official Libyan army – carry out sustained air raids against Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council targets. Hafter’s forces are reported to have taken over a number of militant bases and are now believed to be in control of some neighbourhoods in the city including Sidi Mansour.

Fierce fighting has continued in the Jebel Nafusa as the Zintani brigades continue their assault against Operation Libya Dawn controlled towns in the area. The Qaqa’a, Al-Sawaiq and Al-Madani brigades from Zintan along with their allies from Wersehfana are still trying to wrestle control of the towns of Kikla and Kala’a from Operation Libya Dawn forces. The violence has left over one hundred dead and a further 200 wounded.