Action – 28 September 2015

Sep 28, 2015 | ISIS

IS attacked the Sidra terminal, marking a new escalation of the threat against the Libyan oil heartland (i.e. the Oil Cresecent) and a new phase in the conflict. IS have taken their phase of operations to a new level in Libya with the attack against a checkpoint at the entrance of Sidra terminal. IS is currently reported to be mobilising in the city of Ben Jawwad, 25km from Sidra, and only 15 KM from Noufaliyah, the eastern border town for IS forces in Wilayat Trabulus. A move east into Wilayat Barqa is a significant development in IS strategy. Fighting has intensified in and around Benghazi, but without much change in Derna.

In Derna, fighting still continues between IS and the local jihadist group of the Derna Mujahedeen Shoura Council (DMSC). Fighting remains restricted to the Fataieh area, where IS militants are still holed up in the hilly region and managing to shell DMSC positions especially in and around the port with artillery and sniper fire.

Reports say that previous cooperation between IS forces in Al Noufaliya and Jadran included assistance with medical supplies, ambulances and ammunition during the conflict between ISIS and Misratan forces in Sirte (166 Battalion).