Action – 19 January 2015

Jan 19, 2015 | ISIS

ISIS-cells inside Libya appear to be increasingly assertive and to be developing the potential to influence military and political events at the national level, including UN-backed negotiations and the overall dialogue process. On Saturday 17 January, an explosive device was detonated outside of the Algerian Embassy in Tripoli, wounding two and causing significant damage to the infrastructure. Although Libyan ISIS cells are still making their first steps inside the country, it appears that their operational capabilities are growing quickly and their potential to influence national-level political developments, such as the ongoing negotiations and dialogue process, should not be overlooked.

The ISIS branch in Sirte claimed on Monday 12 January to have abducted 21 Coptic Christians in the city. As in western Libya, IS-aligned cells and groups in eastern Libya appear to have become increasingly active and visible with attacks, abductions and policing operations against un-Islamic activities. It is not inconceivable that these groups will soon be able to disrupt and influence developments nationally at the political and military levels should they wish to.