Action – 17 November 2014

Nov 17, 2014 | ISIS

Two car bomb attacks were carried out in the capital this week, one against the Egyptian embassy and the other against the embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Although no one was hurt – both embassies are empty – there was some damage to the buildings. Although it is not clear who carried out the attacks, they were immediately condemned by Al-Hassi who claimed that the blasts were a deliberate attempt by Operation Libya Dawn’s enemies to give the impression that Tripoli is not stable.

However, tweets sent by a Twitter account belonging to the Islamic State, claimed responsibility for the bombings. In the messages a group claiming to be part of the Tripoli Wilaya (emirate) of the Islamic State claimed that it had carried out the attacks. Although there is no confirmation that this is the case, this is the first reference to the Islamic State having a presence in the capital in this way. If correct, this is clearly a concerning development.

  • Tweets from an IS supporter, encouraging the organisation to use the Derna port strategically, including for suicide operations.
  • A coordinating umbrella of civil society organisations in Sirte denounces the increasingly deteriorating security situation in the city. Murders, kidnappings, and general lawlessness favoured by the activity of armed gunmen is reported in a pattern similar to that previously witnessed in Benghazi during the past years. See: