8 May – 14 May: LNA’s “Operation Flood of Dignity” against GNA-aligned forces continued throughout the first week of Ramadan

May 14, 2019 | Libyan actors

The Libyan National Army’s (LNA) “Operation Flood of Dignity” against Government of National Accord (GNA) -aligned forces in southern Tripoli continued throughout the first week of Ramadan, with no significant changes in territorial control. The number of incidents and resulting casualties has slightly decreased compared to the previous week. Ground clashes continue around the Tripoli International Airport, al-Twaisha, Hay Funduq al-Sharef, al-Hira, Wadi al-Rabea, Ain Zara, Zatarna and Khallet Furjan.

On 7 May, the LNA’s Thunderbolt Special Forces 77 Battalion shot down a suspected GNA military aircraft from the Misrata Air College. LNA forces captured the plane’s pilot and said he identified himself as “Jimmy Reese” – a 29-year-old Portuguese national who indicated he was contracted by a man named al-Hadi to destroy roads and bridges. On 8 May, the GNA Military spokesperson, Mohammed Qannounu, denied that the LNA shot down a GNA aircraft, and stated that the incident had be designed to undermine the GNA’s European tour. On the same day, the House of Representatives (HoR) released a statement criticising the GNA for its use of mercenaries.

On 9 May, the GNA stated that 40 foreign firms operating in Libya must renew their operating licences or face suspension of their operations in Libya. The international firms have been given three months to renew their licenses. The companies in the list include French oil company Total, as well as French aerospace and security firm Thales, and German engineering business Siemens.