28 Mar – 3 Apr: Representatives from Zintan and Misrata meet, while the LNA undertakes airstrikes on Chadian militants in southern Libya

Apr 3, 2018 | Libyan actors

On 28 March, a meeting was held in Zintan between representatives from the western Libyan towns of Zintan and Misrata. The Zintan representatives included the city mayor Mustafa al-Baroni and Special Forces commander Emad Trablesi. The Misrata delegation included the Head of the Misrata Elders Council Mohamed Rajoubi, head of the Misrata Military Council Ibrahim Bin Rajab, and Commander of Government of National Accord (GNA) aligned al-Bunyan al Marsous forces Bashir al-Gadi. The meeting concluded with the scheduling of a follow up meeting in Misrata and the production of a six point communiqué that outlined the following objectives: avoid all Libyan bloodshed; realise the goals of the 17th February revolution to end totalitarianism and ensure a civilian state free of counterrevolutionaries; progress towards the unity of Libyan territory and a comprehensive national reconciliation for all Libyans; work towards the creation of a state of rule of law; initiate the peaceful transfer of power; push for the unification of the security and military insinuations under civilian control; and to fight all forces of terrorism through all of Libya.

On 29 March, the Libyan National Army (LNA) undertook airstrikes on a Chadian militant group checkpoint in southern Libya. These airstrikes are a part of the LNA’s “Law Enforcement” operation to tackle supposed foreign militants and ‘lawlessness’ in southern Libya.