8 August – 14 August: ISIS claim of attack on LNA and eulogize Kenyan fighter

Aug 14, 2018 | ISIS

On 13 August, ISIS Wilayat Barqah released a eulogy in their “Caravans of Martyrs” of Kenyan fighter Abu Mousa al-Keni.

On 9 August, ISIS claimed in its latest al-Naba newsletter (no 143) that they had raided a Libyan National Army checkpoint close to Fuqaha in Jufrah at dawn on 4 August. The group claim to have killed and wounded several soldiers and stolen equipment before setting the checkpoint of fire and fleeing. However, there has been no corroborating reports or confirmation by the LNA of such an incident, and other sources claim that Chadian militiamen were manning the checkpoint.

On 8 August, ISIS set up a checkpoint on the Abjabiya to Jalu road and published photos of their exploits. It was also reported that a convoy of 20 ISIS fighters in seven vehicles were moving along the Coast Road, 90 kilometres east of Sirte. This coincides with Sirte security forces warming of an imminent attack by ISIS near Sirte and the Oil Crescent more broadly.