6-13 January: Senior figures in western Libya reiterate support for 24 December 2021 elections

Jan 13, 2021 | Libyan actors

The GNA announced a security consolidation operation, while Western political and military figures tried to reframe the 24 December 2021 elections as a way to purge Libya of Haftar supporters.

On 8 January, the GNA Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashaagha, announced Operation ‘Snake Hunting’- intended to target militants and human smugglers in Libya’s western region. During an interview with The Associated Press, Bashaagha claimed that Turkey had ‘pledged support’ for the operation. Bashaagha also said that he had ‘invited the United States to assist’ and called on the Biden Administration to make Libya a priority.

On 9 January, members of the Tripoli-based House of Representatives (HoR), mayors, and leaders of armed brigades in Tripoli and in the Western Region issued a joint statement reiterating their support for a new transitional National Unity Government to prepare national elections planned for December 2021. In an attempt to disqualify their potential opponents, the group “rejected” the participation of ‘any party or individual that backed the aggression on Tripoli,’ in such a government. They called for the Libyan National Army (LNA) Commander Khalifa Haftar and House of Representatives Speaker Aqeela Saleh to be held accountable.