4 December – 10 December 2019: Sirte ISIS suspect released

Dec 11, 2019 | ISIS

On 3 December, the family of Sirte engineer Iman Daw al-Qamati confirmed that she had been acquitted of allegations of being affiliated with ISIS . Qamati had returned home the previous day after spending time in a prison in Misrata. On 5 September, Misratan security forces based in Sirte claimed to have arrested four individuals, including Iman Daw al-Qamati, accused of being ISIS members in the second residential district of Sirte.

On 4 December, ISIS’s Wilayat Libya released a new video message “And expel them from wherever they have expelled you”, mainly showcasing their alleged anti-crime activities in southern Libya.
On 5 December, a man’s body was discovered in al-Fuqaha, in southern Libya, with reports claiming the man had been kidnapped by ISIS during a raid on the city in April of this year.