31 Jan – 6 Feb: ISIS linked Indian national allegedly held in Libyan jail while multiple clashes occur between LNA and ISIS.

Feb 6, 2018 | ISIS

On 30 January, Indian media reported that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs had received information from Libyan authorities that an Indian national named Tabrez Tambe is being held in a Libyan jail as a prisoner of war. Tambe reportedly fled India in January 2016 to join ISIS in Libya. The Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad allegedly sent a letter to the Libyan authorities seeking details of his detention but has received no reply.

On 31 January, the Libyan National Army 12 unit in Brak al-Shatti, a town around 60km north of Sabha, claimed that two ISIS affiliates had been killed in clashes with the LNA and local residents. According to media reports, three men were scouting for food supplies in Brak but when suspicion was aroused, they shot at an LNA fighter before being chased by another LNA fighter and some local residents. Two of the men were later found dead outside the city.

On 2 February, two alleged ISIS fighters were killed and two Libyan LNA fighters were injured in clashes near the town of Maradah. On 3 February, three alleged ISIS fighters were killed in clashes near Waha Company’s Dahra oil field, located between Maradah and Zallah. Two LNA fighters died and another five were injured in the clashes. The LNA media office has stated the recent spate of incidences in the region result from an LNA campaign tracking ISIS fighters who fled Benghazi and participated in attacks against LNA posts in al-Fughaha in October last year.