30 May – 5 June: LNA claim to have control of 75 percent of Derna

Jun 5, 2018 | Other Jihadi Actors

On 5 June, the Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesperson Ahmed al-Mismari announced that LNA forces had taken control of 75 percent of Derna from the Derna Protection Force (DPF). The day before In a video announcement to the LNA and civilians in Derna, Haftar highlighted to his troops the importance of protecting prisoners of war and warned of the dangers to civilians of Derna in aiding and abetting ‘terrorists”. He also said that the victory of his forces was near in Derna and that once the city is ‘liberated’, the LNA would take total control of the infrastructure and would ensure the safety of residents and buildings by establishing security barriers.

In a statement on 1 June, the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said that fighting and indiscriminate shelling by the LNA has killed at least 17 civilians in Derna and injured many more since the mid May. According to the UN, no humanitarian aid has entered the city since mid-March and residents are experiencing severe water, food and medicine shortages, as well as cuts to electricity and water.