3 April – 9 April: ISIS undertake attack on Fuqaha burning several houses

Apr 9, 2019 | ISIS

On 9 April, ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on the town of Fuqaha, in the southern Jufra region. Arriving in as many as 15 vehicles, ISIS cut off communications to the town, burnt down several houses and executed the head of the municipal guard. Three civilians who had been released from captivity in Ghaduwwa were killed in the incident. In their claim of responsibility, ISIS said the attack was a part of the “battle of revenge of al-Sham.”

ISIS has been active and had a strong presence in this in the area for the last two years. On 29 October, ISIS fighters launched an assault on Fuqaha in a similar attack. Masked men arrived in 25 vehicles and set fire to the police station and attacked the mobile network station, disrupting the telecommunication network. On 17 and 19 November 2017, US Africa Command (AFRICOM) conducted two airstrikes against IS targets in the area. Furthermore, on 23 August 2017, IS fighters attacked an LNA checkpoint near Fuqaha, beheading eleven people – two civilians and nine LNA fighters, including the commander of the battalion.