3 – 10 March: Libya’s HOR endorses Dabaiba’s Government of National Unity

Mar 10, 2021 | Libyan actors

This week, Libya’s unified House of Representatives (HoR) endorsed Prime Minister designate Abdul Hameed Dabaiba’s Government of National Unity (GNU) after two days of talks in Sirte.

On 4 March, the Tripoli headquarters of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) was attacked by an armed group. The attackers were repelled by the ACA’s security team. The Head of the ACA, Sulayman al-Shanti, blamed the attack on an armed group led by Anwar Faraj Souissi, supported by 301 Battalion and the al-Rahba Tajoura Brigade. According to reports, the attackers acted on the orders of the Tripoli-based HoR, intending to remove al-Shanti as the Head of the ACA.

On 8 March, the GNA Minister of Interior Fathi Bashaagha signalled his intent to run for Libyan President in the prospective national elections in December of this year during an interview hosted on the media platform ‘Clubhouse’.

On 10 March, the session of the unified HoR in Sirte passed a vote of confidence in the cabinet presented by Prime Minister designate, Abdul Hameed Dabaiba, opening the way for Dabaiba to form his GNU. This followed a Q&A session with Dabaiba, in which HoR members publicly on live TV asked the Prime Minister designate to include their preferred candidates in his cabinet in exchange for their votes.