29 May – 4 June: US embassy Charge d’Affaires “deeply concerned” about the shelling of the NOC clinic

Jun 4, 2019 | International actors

On 31 May, the Tripoli-based US embassy Charge d’Affaires, Natalie Baker, issued a statement, saying the US is “deeply concerned” about the shelling of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) clinic in Tripoli, which took place on 24 May, as well as other recent attacks on oil infrastructure. It called upon all parties to recognise the NOC’s neutrality and protect Libya’s oil facilities, production and revenue as outlined in various UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. The statement reiterated concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in Tripoli and called for a return to UN political mediation.

On 3 June, NOC chairman Mustafa Sanallah met with various senior European Union (EU) diplomats in Tripoli to discuss the impact of the Tripoli clashes on oil security and production in the western region. Reports indicated that the EU diplomatic missions reiterated their stance on maintaining the UN resolutions and commitments that protect the NOC’s role as the only legitimate entity that can produce and export oil in Libya.