23 May – 29 May: ISIS claim responsibility for attacks in Oil Crescent

May 29, 2018 | ISIS

On 23 May, ISIS claimed responsibility for the two attacks that occurred in the Oil Crescent on May 22 – a suicide vehicle-borne improved explosive device (SVBIED) targeted the Libyan National Army (LNA) 152 Brigade Gate 60 south east of Ajdabiya, while gunmen attacked an LNA checkpoint north of Awjilah kidnapping two guards. No details have been given as to the state of the two LNA fighters kidnapped at the checkpoint North of Awjilah. In response to the attacks, the al-Bayda Security Directorate has initiated a security plan for the city during the month of Ramadan. The plan will see an increase in the security personnel at commercial locations and an increase in the number of checkpoints at entries to the city.