22 – 28 January 2020: Al-Iman sentenced to 19 years in prison for 2012 Benghazi attack

Jan 30, 2020 | Other Jihadi Actors

The Libyan citizen Mustafa al-Iman was sentenced to more than 19 years in prison for his role in the 2012 terrorist attack on two U.S. government facilities in Benghazi that killed four Americans. Al-Imam, 47, was captured in Libya in October 2017 and subsequently brought to the United States to face trial in federal court in Washington, D.C.

Following a six-week trial last year, al-Imam was convicted by a jury in June of one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists and one count of maliciously destroying and injuring dwellings and property, and placing lives in jeopardy within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States.