21 – 27 August: LNA’s plan to retake Ghariyan “is imminent”

Aug 28, 2019 | Libyan actors

On 21 August, anti-Libyan National Army (LNA) forces made an advance into al-Asabea in southern Tripoli, taking control of the centre of the area and the College of Civil Aviation. The LNA launched several aerial attacks on al-Asabea in response.

On 25 August, heavy clashes occurred between LNA and anti-LNA forces 45 km southeast of Ghariyan and Ghout al-Reeh following a barrage of aerial attacks by the LNA. Following the assault, the anti-LNA forces withdrew, allowing the LNA to claim control of Ghout al-Reeh and its airstrip. These clashes coincided with a large LNA assault on Wadi Rabea and Zatarna area, which was repelled by anti-LNA coalition forces.

On 26 August, the LNA claimed control of three villages south of Ghariyan and said that they had destroyed Kornet missiles and 12 armoured vehicles. However, they did not make any advances into the town itself. During the attacks, the LNA field commander suspected of being responsible for LNA operations to retake Ghariyan, Brigadier Fawzi Abu Hrara, was captured near Wadi Bin Wazir by anti-LNA forces. GNA spokesperson Mustafa al-Majae said that LNA forces tried to advance under the cover of drones but were repelled, with 8 GNA fighters were killed and 10 others wounded in the fighting.

Ghariyan mayor Yousef Ibderi said the casualties were from air strikes targeting GNA forces at the southern outskirts of the city. In a statement, the LNA said, “All preliminary military missions were carried out as planned,” and reiterated that the plan to retake Ghariyan “is imminent.”