2 January – 8 January: LNA forces rescue 20 civilians captured by ISIS

Jan 8, 2019 | ISIS

On 1 January, the Libyan National Army (LNA) undertook security operations around Ghadduwah, 70 km south of Sebha, that resulted in the rescue of as many as 20 civilians captured by ISIS during attacks by the group on al-Fuqaha and Tazerbu late last year. The LNA forces were combing several agricultural projects near Ghadduwah for armed Chadian opposition groups following reports that they had retreated to the area after perpetrating an attack on the LNA’s 10th Infantry Brigade in Taraghin on 27 December. During the operation LNA forces raided a farm and discovered the captives being held in shipping containers. At another nearby farm a bomb-making facility was also uncovered. The raid resulted in three deaths and three injuries.

The raids on the agriculture projects coincided with two separate suicide bombers attacking and blowing themselves up outside the Ghadduwah police station. The first attack resulted in no causalities, while the second is reported to have caused three deaths and left four injured.