19 September – 25 September: Bodies of those killed by ISIS in Derna recovered

Sep 25, 2018 | ISIS

On 24 September, it was reported that as many as eight dead bodies belonging to the Libyan National Army and their supporters were unearthed in Derna following the confessions of alleged ISIS militants. The alleged ISIS members confessions were broadcast on Libyan television days before the recovery of the bodies. The deceased were said to have been missing from 2014.

On 17 September, the Sirte Protection Force (SPF) uncovered a cache of unexploded ordnance, RPGs, and mortars abandoned by ISIS in the Sirte Central Clinics Complex. A spokesperson for the SPF de- mining group, Salim al-Amil, stated that the explosives were discovered amidst efforts to equip a clinical facility in the city.