13 November – 19 November: LNA intensifies push on southern Tripoli

Nov 20, 2019 | Libyan actors

On 12 November, the LNA intensified its push into the southern Tripoli moving on Khalla, the Swehli crossroads and Naher fronts. On 15 November, the LNA launched multiple airstrikes with one targeting and destroying an ammunition depot at a military camp in Tajoura.

On 13 November, the LNA claimed to have launched aerial attacks on the Qardhabiya airbase and al-Saadi camp near Sirte. The incident was confirmed by the Sirte Protection Force, who stated the attack caused material damage but no causalities. The LNA’s spokesman, Ahmed al-Mesmari, also claimed that the LNA’s Navy undertook patrols along the coast of Sirte.