11 Apr – 17 Apr: Peace talks between the Awlad Suliman, Tebu and Tuareg tribes moves to Niger

Apr 17, 2018 | International actors

On 14 April, attempts to negotiate peace between the Awlad Suliman, Tebu and Tuareg tribes, who have been clashing in and around the southern Libya city of Sebha since February of this year, have moved to Niger and are allegedly being facilitated by French diplomats after multiple attempts to reach a solution to the fighting have failed. The Awlad Suliman is an Arab tribe while the Tebu area traditionally nomadic non-Arab tribe, with members spread across southern Libya, Niger, and Chad. Both have a presence in Sebha, along with the Tuareg, an Amazigh (Berber) tribe.

The new negotiations follow a spate of drive-by shootings and kidnappings despite a supposed ceasefire being announced on the 10 April in Sebha by the Tebu Council of Elders – the Awlad Suliman Council has allegedly denied that these were agreed upon. Likewise on 9 April, the Awlad Suliman’s 6th Brigade issued a statement declaring a unilateral ceasefire and giving its allegiance to the LNA.