10 April – 16 April: UN postpones National Conference

Apr 16, 2019 | International actors

On 10 April, UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghassan Salamé stated he was postponing the National Conference due to take place on 14-16 April. Salamé indicated that Libyans could not be asked to attend the conference “to the backdrop of artillery shelling and air raids.” Salamé concluded his statement saying “[He] will work, to the fullest possible extent, to enable the Libyan National Conference to take place […] once the conditions to enable it to be held are re-established.”

On 13 April, Salamé release a statement indicating the UN had not given up the prospect of a political solution to end the clashes. However, on 15 April, speaking to the BBC Radio, Salamé stated that Haftar’s decision to issue arrest warrants for GNA PM Serraj and other top Tripoli officials “sounded more like a coup than counter-terrorism.” He further stated that talks amongst the competing groups were fruitless until both sides recognized there was no military victory. On 15 April, UN Envoy Ghassan Salame told the BCC that “I’m just as worried by the crack in the UN Security Council as the fighting on the ground.”

On 14 April, the head of the LNA, Khalifa Haftar, met with Egyptian President Sisi in Cairo. Details of the meeting have not been released except that it was to discuss the shared interests of Egypt and Libya concerning counter-terrorism.